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Owning a car is as common as wearing clothes. We have become so dependent on our motored vehicles in everyday life that most often than not, we take them for granted.

The trouble starts, well, when the trouble starts… when your car starts giving you a hard time your day suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Car trouble can come in all shapes and sizes, but it basically boils down to several types. Most of them have one thing in common – they render your car unfit to drive. That is when the need for a professional towing company arises, one that can provide you with expert dolly towing services.

Whenever you find yourself in need of a reliable and trustworthy dolly towing service provider anywhere in San Jose and its vicinity, simply contact J Towing Services at (408) 351-3761.

What is Dolly Towing?

Dolly towing is one of the most common towing methods available today. Being a metal contraption that connects to the towing vehicle on its one end and to the towed vehicle on its other end, it enables an easy and convenient means of towing. A sturdy connector connects the tow dolly to the towing vehicle while the towed vehicle’s front wheels are securely fastened as they fit into designated slots. Thus, the vehicle can be safely towed.

What are the advantages of dolly towing?

Being a simple and easy enough to use apparatus, a tow dolly can be used by amateurs, requiring the person doing the towing to adhere to a couple of simple safety measures. Being common and easy to use also makes dolly towing a relatively economic towing service.

What are the disadvantages of dolly towing?

The main downside of dolly towing is the fact that the towed vehicle’s rear tires remain in full contact with the road and are exposed to additional damage. An expert, however, will be able to offer you alternative towing methods to negate such disadvantages.

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