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Tips on How to Buy a Used Car

J Towing Services’ Tips on How to Buy a Used Car


For most of us, one of the main reasons to buy a used car has to do with financial considerations. Most of us can’t afford the rising costs of a new car, fresh out of the factory. That is why we choose a more affordable solution, like buying a used car which can be the perfect answer to our budget issue. But it can also be a risk, considering there is no actual supervision that can guarantee us that we get what we pay for, and that honestly is the last thing that comes to our mind when we think of buying a new car. So, before you’re rushing into buying the first car that may come your way, you should take a few minutes to read these next few tips, just to make sure that in the end – you’ll make a good decision picking your next car.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – Let’s start from the beginning – asking the important questions. Which questions are the most important ones? Any detail you may need to know about the car (model, year, engine volume, etc.) and the most important of them all – why are you selling the car? It may reveal just the right information you need.
  2. History Lesson – When we talk about checking the car’s history, it doesn’t mean you need to see a documentary of the car’s journey from its early days until now. It does however mean that you need to find out whether the car was involved in any accidents or anything of that sort.
  3. Ask for Documents – Another fear we may have when thinking of buying a used car, is that we may be buying a stolen car without even being aware of it. Don’t be afraid to ask for the car’s documents, including vehicle licenses and even insurance papers.
  4. Verify the Documents – Once you get the car’s documentation, don’t hesitate to ask the person who sells the car for his own driving license or any other identification that they may have. That way you can crosscheck the data between the different documents in order to verify that the person who is selling you the car is indeed the car’s owners. Additionally, you can always verify it at the local DMV office.
  5. Check the Car – We finally get to the car. There are simple things you can do by yourself that will allow you to get an overall impression of it – open the car’s trunk and see if it’s clean, look for a spare wheel, check the car’s mileage, brakes and lights.
  6. Open the Engine Cover (the hood) – Even if you have no knowledge about cars mechanics, you will still be able to identified oil leaks, soot, or any noise coming from the radiator.
  7. Go for a Test Drive –Take the car out for a test drive and see how driving it feels. It can give you a better understanding of the car and its condition.
  8. Trust your instinct – And even if you have put it to all the tests and everything was working perfectly – if your guts tell you that there is still something wrong, then there must be something wrong. Trust your instinct.