Tips for Buying a Used Car

What to Lookout For

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a lengthy process nor does it have to be a frustrating experience. There are certain things you need to look out for to avoid any problems or potential scams lurking around. Although Carfax can only tell you so much, you need to find the rest out by actually test driving the vehicle yourself. You can also follow this simple list of tips as a guide:

  • Investigate the Details – There are plenty of questions to ask a seller that will either give you the green light to purchase or set off numerous red flags to stay away. Ask the seller how many times the car has changed hands, if there were any serious collisions and see for yourself. A quick glimpse on the dashboard can tell you right away the amount of mileage. Further inspection, such as brakes, transmission and engine check must be done by a certified mechanic. Drive the car and listen for any engine noises as well.
  • Put it in Writing – You cannot imagine how many times a person is stuck without any refunds because they didn’t get a receipt. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you buy or from which website auction you buy it from. What does matter, however, is the report attached with the legal receipt statements. You can negotiate these details with the seller or through the auction host. Just make sure you have proof in case a dispute should arise.
  • Get a Vehicle History Report – The report should give you a clear indication about the history surrounding both the seller and vehicle. You can examine the report and check for anything that looks bogus. It’s always best to have your trusted mechanic go over the details together with you. They can spot a fraud a mile away, literally! The chances are that you also know someone that loves cars or has a vast knowledge for them. Let them check the report as well to get that added boost of confidence before signing any agreements.

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